Localization of the "Home Bookkeeping" app into Spanish, French, and German

We translated the interface and description of the "Home Bookkeeping" app into Spanish, French, and German. As a result, its ranking at the top of the Google Play stores in Spain, France and Germany began to rise rapidly. This situation is quite rare, because our client was able to achieve this result without having to conduct advertising. This improvement can be attributed entirely to releasing localized versions of the app.

History of the app's ranking

Before it was localized, the "Home Bookkeeping" app had the following rankings among paid apps in the "Finance" section:

  • Spain — 40th place
  • France — 46th place
  • Germany — 53rd place

Just 10 days after the localized versions of the apps were released, the ranking statistics had already changed significantly. The rapid growth in the app's ranking in the Spanish and French stores was particularly notable:

  • Spain — 7th place (improvement of 33 places)
  • France — 11th place (improvement of 35 places)
  • Germany — 43rd place (improvement of 10 places)

The number of downloads has continued to grow. Obviously, this is not just a short-term effect. The client's app is undergoing a steady improvement through the rankings.

History of the app's ranking

As you can see, the "Home Bookkeeping" app has become one of the top 20 paid apps in the "Finance" category in the Spanish and French stores. The app's ranking is not as high in the German store (it would be interesting to know the reasons for this), though the app's position has risen there nonetheless.

We repeat: this result was achieved solely due to the localization of the app interface, the translation of the product description for the Google Play store, and the localization of app screenshots into Spanish, French, and German. Not one cent was spent on advertising. It is easy to imagine the results that you can achieve if you combine a sound localization strategy with a literate promotional strategy on the local market.

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