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Recommend Alconost to someone — get 10% commission on all orders they place in the first year

Maybe you know someone in need of our services: IT companies, software, game and app developers, online entrepreneurs, offline businesspeople, successful startups...

Recommend Alconost to them! Refer a client to us and we pay you 10% of all orders we receive from them during the first year.


Which services can I recommend?

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How is my referral fee calculated and paid?

Payment is made on the 20th day of each month. Before you are paid, you will receive a paysheet listing all the orders your client has placed in the last month. The payment methods we support are PayPal, Skrill, and bank transfer (for amounts over $1,000).

I’m a translator. I don’t want to lose my clients!

Don’t worry! Just say the word and we guarantee that we will never take any orders from your clients into your language. Your clients for the language pairs you work in will remain yours and yours alone.

However, if you wish, we can accept orders from your clients for translations into your language and give these assignments to you. In this case, besides your payment for the work, you will also get a commission of 10% of the total order.

How will you know that a client is from me?

Ask the client to mention you when placing their order, include us in the cc line when you recommend us via email, or email us at info@alconost.com and tell us a little about the client you have referred.

Any other questions? Write us at info@alconost.com

Thank you!

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  • "Использование услуг Alconost на платформе Crowdin облегчает нам локализацию при выпуске основных обновлений нашего приложения, поскольку я уверена в высоком качестве и надежности переводов. Я ценю то, насколько коммуникабельна ваша команда, как в отношении всего процесса, так и касательно конкретных решений по локализации."
    — Lisa, Biowink GmbH