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Translation quality

At Alconost you can order translations with subsequent editing by a second specialist as well as translations performed by just one translator. The table below will help you understand the differences between a simple translation and a translation with editing.

Translation only Translation and editing
Receive a good translation on a limited budget Receive a superior quality translation
  • Translation of internal documents
  • Translation of software strings for indie developers and start-up companies with limited budgets
  • Translation of small updates
  • Projects for which the client company is prepared to provide its own editors

Translation of materials for end users:

  • Product translation
  • Translation of marketing materials
  • Translation of reference documentation
  • Translation of license agreements
Translation and localization process

Included services:

  • Translation

Included services:

  • Translation
  • Editing by a second specialist
Compliance with standards
Process complies with the ISO 9001 standard Process complies with the ISO 9001 standard
Quality complies with the EN 15038 standard

Localization and translation — pricing

We translate into over 40 languages. Select a source or target language to view our rates. If there is a language you need that is not listed, fill out our quotation form and we will locate a translator for your project.

The prices below are estimates. To get a binding quote for the cost of localization or translation, including any discounts for repetitions or large projects, send your material to alpha@alconost.com or fill out our form. Our team will respond within an hour.

Prices are given in US dollars per 1,000 source characters (including spaces).

Linguistic quality testing — pricing

Rates are shown in US $ per hour of work by a professional tester

Proofreading and editing — pricing

Prices are given in US dollars per 1,000 source characters (including spaces).

Copywriting (creation of texts) — pricing

Prices are given in US dollars per 1, 000 source characters (including spaces).

Alconost Nitro rapid online translation — pricing

Video production — pricing

We produce all kinds of videos: promotional clips, trailers, how-to videos, tutorials, and other videos for both instructional and sales purposes. Our voiceover artists are professional voice actors and native speakers of their respective languages. Prices are calculated on a per-project basis. Factors affecting the price include the type of video, number of scenes, and amount of animation. Find out how we determine the budget for creating videos.

To request a quote for video production, send us a message at video@alconost.com. We will get back to you right away!

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