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Translation quality

At Alconost you can order translations with subsequent editing by a second specialist as well as translations performed by just one translator. The table below will help you understand the differences between a simple translation and a translation with editing.

Translation only Translation and editing
Receive a good translation on a limited budget Receive a superior quality translation
  • Translation of internal documents
  • Translation of software strings for indie developers and start-up companies with limited budgets
  • Translation of small updates
  • Projects for which the client company is prepared to provide its own editors

Translation of materials for end users:

  • Product translation
  • Translation of marketing materials
  • Translation of reference documentation
  • Translation of license agreements
Translation and localization process

Included services:

  • Translation

Included services:

  • Translation
  • Editing by a second specialist
Compliance with standards
Process complies with the ISO 9001 standard Process complies with the ISO 9001 standard
Quality complies with the EN 15038 standard

Localization and translation — pricing

We translate into over 40 languages. Select a source or target language to view our rates. If there is a language you need that is not listed, fill out our quotation form and we will locate a translator for your project.

The prices below are estimates. To get a binding quote for the cost of localization or translation, including any discounts for repetitions or large projects, send your material to alpha@alconost.com or fill out our form. Our team will respond within an hour.

Prices are given in US dollars per 1,000 source characters (including spaces).

Linguistic quality testing — pricing

Rates are shown in US $ per hour of work by a professional tester

Proofreading and editing — pricing

Prices are given in US dollars per 1,000 source characters (including spaces).

Copywriting (creation of texts) — pricing

Prices are given in US dollars per 1, 000 source characters (including spaces).

Alconost Nitro rapid online translation — pricing

Video production — pricing

We produce all kinds of videos: promotional clips, trailers, how-to videos, tutorials, and other videos for both instructional and sales purposes. Our voiceover artists are professional voice actors and native speakers of their respective languages. Prices are calculated on a per-project basis. Factors affecting the price include the type of video, number of scenes, and amount of animation. Find out how we determine the budget for creating videos.

To request a quote for video production, send us a message at video@alconost.com. We will get back to you right away!

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  • "In the history of 3d2f.com, our team has worked with many journalists writing on software. And we can say with confidence that Pavel Gorenitsyn is the best in his field, writing articles on even the most complex technical software. And we are not just talking about the faultless quality of his work from a grammatical perspective, but also for his knowledge of the language being equal to that of a native speaker. Pavel is also very talented creatively and that, we can assure you, is worth a lot. We are delighted to be collaborating with Alconost."
    — Alexander Nikolaev, 3d2f.com