The Platform API for the Localization Service Provider Alconost

You have a localization platform, and we at Alconost have a team of professional translators and localization specialists. We localize into more than 70 languages, and we provide localization testing and project management services.

You want your customers to order professional translation services directly from your platform so that they do not have to hunt for translators themselves or switch to other services. To accomplish this, localization platforms like yours are integrated with localization service providers like Alconost.

Perhaps you have already integrated your service with Gengo by utilizing their API. This is a great idea, but some customers, especially major ones, need something more than translation. They need:

  • A personal translation project manager
  • A dedicated Slack channel for communicating with the project manager
  • Quality management
  • Localization testing
  • Assistance implementing a continuous localization workflow
  • Project management in the customer's project management system (Jira, Redmine, Trello)
  • Consultations on which languages to localize into
  • Evaluation and proofreading of the source text
  • Evaluation and proofreading of existing translations
  • Ability to communicate with the translators directly
  • Recruitment of a team of translators based on the project field
  • Finding native speaker translators for a rare language pair
  • Ensuring a clear division of roles between the translator and editor
  • Calculation of the cost of an ongoing, continuously updated project
  • Preparation of the required documents and signing of an NDA
  • Consideration of repetitions when calculating the cost
  • Issuing of invoices in the specialized customer systems
  • Payments tied to the achievement of milestones
  • Downloading of partially translated files
  • Other specific requirements

Often platform users don't even realize that a translation is done by a third-party vendor through the API as opposed to the platform itself. And your helpdesk will have to handle all the issues that we listed above. This is a problem.

We have the solution: you can use our lightweight Alconost Localization Vendor API. By taking advantage of this API, you can:

  • Order a translation (request a quote)
  • Obtain a list of supported languages for translation
  • Get a calculation of the translation cost (with and without proofreading, and for rare languages: one price for translation using an intermediate English translation and another for translating directly between the source and target languages)
  • Get a description of the Alconost service in any language
  • Get our contact information

PLEASE NOTE! If you use this API, then you cannot submit texts for translations and receive the translated texts back automatically like with Gengo. By using the Alconost API, you can calculate the cost and submit a localization request to Alconost with the customer's contact information.

When our project manager receives the request via the API, he or she will get in immediate contact with the customer, discuss the details of the project, recruit a team of Alconost translators to work on your platform, and satisfy additional customer requirements and wishes. The project manager monitors deadlines, keeps in touch with the customer, and communicates with the translators.

What this integration looks like in practice

Somewhere on your platform you will post a short description of the Alconost service and an order button with one of the following labels. For example:

  • Calculate the cost
  • Order professional translation services
  • Order a translation [$998.99]
  • etc.

Feel free to use our button:

When customers click on the button, they will immediately see the message: "Thank you! Your request was received. Your personal project manager at Alconost will be in touch with you as soon as possible (by e-mail or phone)."

In order words, the customer can order translation services just by pushing a button. There is no need for further confirmation, logging into third-party services, making any preliminary deposits or any other additional complications. It's simply a convenient service.

Handling payments on the platform

The customer pays directly on the platform for use of this platform. The customer will pay Alconost directly for translation services and testing. Alconost receives customers from the platform and pays a referral fee of 10% of the cost of customer orders placed on the platform during the first year. Payments are made once per month.

Advantages of integration with Alconost

By clearly drawing a boundary between the platform and the vendor, you can address all the concerns about the quality of translations provided through the platform.

When you detach the platform from the vendor, you have more freedom to make changes. The entire system works more stably.

A full cycle API (that allows you to both send or receive translations) can be complicated to implement on your own because you need to consider:

  • Various order statuses
  • Malfunctions
  • Quality complaints
  • Insufficient funds in the vendor account
  • Order cancellations
  • The deletion of single lines or the entire project
  • Repeated translations

When completing continuous localization projects on the platform, you also need to learn how to work properly with previously translated content, synchronize glossaries and translation memories, and assign the same translators to ensure consistency. It will also be difficult to facilitate communications between the translator and the customer (translators ask questions, and customers will answer them). Alconost will simplify these issues for you.

A platform that utilizes vendors to ensure a full cycle localization process is particularly valuable in the eyes of the customer.

We have already integrated our service with Crowdin, TranslationExchange, and

Let's join forces! Write to us at with the subject line "API" in order to receive an API key.

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