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Hiring a PPC expert

About the company

Alconost Inc. (USA) — since 2004, we have been providing:

  • localization of apps and games, software and websites into 100+ languages;
  • creating videos with professional voice acting in different languages;
  • SEO and multilingual digital marketing;
  • content marketing and email marketing;
  • outsourcing of PPC advertising in different languages for Google Ads, Bing Ads and social networks;
  • video advertising and video promotion;
  • development of landing pages, one-page sites and banners in different languages;
  • audit of advertising campaigns, sites and competitors;
  • web analytics and online advertising consulting.

We can offer interesting international projects and an excellent team to work with.


We are looking for a PPC advertising expert to fill the position of a “PPC specialist”.


Working with clients:

  • receiving and processing requests;
  • communicating with customers;
  • calculating the cost of services;
  • overseeing payment procedures;
  • offering related services.

Managing advertising campaigns:

  • estimating budgets for advertising campaigns;
  • analysing semantics and creating plans of advertising campaigns;
  • creating, maintaining and optimizing advertising campaigns;
  • campaign performance analysis;
  • managing banners and developing landing pages;
  • managing the campaign localization process;
  • creating reports for clients.


  • at least 2 years of experience in digital marketing not less and holding certificates for at least 2 systems: AdWords, Yandex direct, Facebook, Bing, MyTarget;
  • deep knowledge of Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica;
  • experience in SemRush, Ahrefs and/or other tools;
  • competent written and spoken English, Russian or any other language is welcome;
  • personal development;
  • attention to detail and analytical mindset.

We can offer you:

  • an official contract with a US company;
  • remote work from any place on Earth (we have an office in Minsk);
  • flexible schedule;
  • part-time employment (in perspective — full-time);
  • unlimited income above the fixed amount and payments transferred to you in any way that works for you.

Since we work with a lot of multilingual campaigns, you being a linguist would be a big plus.

How to start

If you are interested in this vacancy, please fill in the form below.

Be ready to send your full CV, complete a test assignment, talk over the phone and meet one of our representatives for an interview.

Test assignment for a PPC manager

  • Prepare several cases of contextual advertising, tell us about the process and the result.
  • Carry out a superficial analysis of the section “ Multilingual PPC services” on our website, tell us how you would improve the structure of the section/text/page layout.
  • Develop the promotional campaign in English for the service “Multilingual PPC services”.
  • Create a detailed plan of the analytics adjustment, what metrics you will consider and how;
  • Be ready to tell us how you envision the multilingual PPC service and about your participation in the process.

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