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Software Help Authoring

We develop help documentation for programs, websites, web services, and mobile apps in English and Russian. In addition to original manuals, descriptions, user guides, and help systems, our clients can also order translations into other languages.

We can author help materials "from scratch" or build on documentation that you already have for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS applications.

If required, we will restructure outdated help material, add necessary content, redo screenshots, and update styles and formatting.

Help documentation is always proofread by native-speaker editors.

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What we offer:

  • User guides and manuals (for users, programmers, reviewers, and admins)
  • Software help systems
  • Quick Start and Getting Started guides
  • "How to..." articles
  • Program reviews, software articles
  • Online help, Web help
  • Wikis
  • Reviewer's guides
  • White papers
  • FAQs
  • EULAs (license agreements), ToS (Terms of Service), and Privacy Policies

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Help formats

We will happily create user documentation for you in any of the following formats: HTML, CHM, PDF, DOC, RTF, ePUB, EXE (e-Book), HLP, HXS (MSHC).

Our help authoring tools

We regularly use and recommend:

Update and support

Software development never stands still — new features are constantly added, things are changed or deleted. Help documentation should evolve in parallel with the program itself. We take responsibility for ongoing updates to your help files, so that each new release of your product has comprehensive, up-to-date documentation in the appropriate languages.

SEO-optimized texts for online help

When writing help materials that will be published on the Internet (such as online help, "How to..." articles and wikis), it is a good idea to ensure they contain the right keywords. For any language, we can identify the search queries that will get you the most traffic and include these in the help file.

Multimedia and illustrations

To make your help documentation even more useful, we can add a splash of illustration and multimedia: screenshots, screencasts, graphics, charts, specifications, diagrams, logos, videos, and Flash animations.

We also invite you to check out the video tutorials and software trailers that we can create for your software in English, Russian, and other languages.

Is it possible to outsource Help Authoring successfully?

No one can know a piece of software as well as its developer. But can a technical writer from outside the company fully understand the product?

Definitely. And the fact that the technical writer has no knowledge of the product at the start is an advantage — he/she can see the program from a new user's point of view and understand what information is required.

At the same time, while getting to know the program, the technical writer can identify shortcomings, give advice on interface improvements, and more. Help authoring can therefore be seen as an additional stage of QA.

Our articles on developing help documentation

Examples of our work

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