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Enterprise Localization Services

A one-stop solution for your enterprise translation needs, from professional document translation for various departments to customized product localization solutions.

  • Professional native-speaking translators in 100+ languages, including rare ones
  • Services that best suit your needs
  • High translation quality and strict internal QA
  • Tailored translation process and integrations
  • +20 years of industry experience
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Our Professional Localization Services


Translation Management System (TMS) Set Up

Manage all your multi-language content from one place and make your continuous localization process efficient.

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Professional localization services for business around the world, from website translation to app & game localization.

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LQA & Proofreading

Proofreading and localization testing quality assurance by native speakers in +100 languages.

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Ads Translation

Get localized multi-media content such as promotional videos, ads and product descriptions.

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Voiceover & Subtitling

A range of voiceover and subtitling services for social media videos, promotional materials.

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Custom Localization Solutions

From a wide range of localization services to match your needs, to APIs and custom workflow design.

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Що кажуть наші клієнти

Ми локалізували понад 1500 проєктів і створили більше ніж 1000 відео. І готові зробити щось особливе для вас!


Alconost allowed us to offer our platform in over 8 languages almost overnight. We have continued to work with Alconost as they are responsive and provide quality work. Alconost relieves us the burden of finding and managing translators, allowing us to focus on improving our platform while providing it to our non-English speaking demographic.


Amer Mahmud, Senior Manager


During the rapid growth phase of any startup, you appreciate anything that saves you time. And with a growing international user base, translation quality affects the way people feel about the reliability of your company.
With Alconost + Crowdin we loved the way translation is guaranteed to be accurate and context-appropriate.

App In the Air

Timur Akhmetgareev, Co-Founder


Nitro is extremely helpful when it comes to localisation for us. Allowing for quick turnaround, with great support, the results are of high quality. It's a core part of our process.

Kasedo Games

Christian Woolford, Producer


Given the volumes we need to translate weekly and the number of languages we localize our website and apps into, Alconost offered us the best solution in terms of flexibility, pricing, and quality among the translations agencies we were considering. The quality of the translations is quite high with the proofreading service that Alconost provides.

Movavi Software Limited

Natalia Bogorad, Head of Editorial


I really appreciate the speed and quality of work provided by Alconost team professionals. Thank you and keep rockin' !

Muse Group

Maria Protasova, Editor-in-Chief, Special Projects Manager @ Ultimate Guitar


We used to work with freelance translators via a crowdsourcing platform, but the process was lengthy and complicated. With Nitro it’s easy for us to translate texts for our games into multiple languages simultaneously: we just copy the text, specify the languages needed, and receive our translated texts within 24 hours!


Ekin Usumi, Community manager


We have been working with Alconost team for many years and never had an issue and with the time the quality of localization services only increased.

Planner 5D

Matt Kryvashein, CMO


Fast, quick, and responsive to our changing requirements for various projects.


Marius Royal, Content and Community Manager


We’ve worked with Alconost for many years now. The fact that we can go to the same company to translate a website, an interface, or technical documentation, create a video clip, or record a voice-over isn’t just convenient — it’s extremely convenient.


Dmitry Davydov, Chief Marketing Officer


On several occasions, the team at Alconost have gone out of their way to deliver projects on time. They're also very transparent when setting expectations. It's a pleasure working with them!

Speakap Inc.

Nour Jane Kachicho, Content Marketing Manager


I contacted Alconost when I needed to translate a game into ten different languages. The translation was completed very quickly and in a format that was convenient for me. I’d also like to mention their managers, who are very friendly and always willing to help. They were very kind and helpful, and I enjoyed interacting with them. All in all, my experience working with Alconost was extremely positive.

RUD present

Rudolf Lacinov, Games developer

Localization Process Made Easy

Alconost offers one-stop localization solutions for our clients, saving them considerable time and effort. Our services can be customized based on our client's constraints and needs.


Tailored Workflows

Our localization experts provide consulting services to help design the most suitable localization process.

  • Evaluation of the translation workflow
  • Localization platform set-up
  • Third party tools integration, if needed

A Dedicated Team

Our experienced project manager and professional translators are committed to smooth project delivery.

  • Translators with niche experiences
  • Exclusive project manager
  • Цілодобові послуги

Full-Range Localization Services

From product localization to marketing materials and QA, we offer multiple translation services for your business needs.

  • On-demand localization QA
  • Локалізація мультимедіа
  • Translation platform for quick requests
Замовити локалізацію

Поширені запитання

Can I order translations into rare languages from Alconost?

Yes, you can. We localize into over 100 languages, with rare ones amongst them, such as Basque, Bengali, Burmese, Dzongkha, Icelandic, Odia, Tagalog, Welsh, and dozens more.

All our translators are native speakers of these languages, and they pass through a complex assessment process managed by our internal quality control team.

How do you control translation quality?

Our approach to localizing into any language, including rare, involves a combination of native-speaking professionals, quality control processes, and tools to verify the accuracy of translation, its consistency, and compliance with the project’s requirements.

First, we make sure the translator is professional before hiring them. At the testing stage, we check their test assignments using a quality assurance system. The candidate is considered to have passed the test if the test quality is 98% or higher, and there’s always another native speaker involved in the assurance process.

Second, we constantly keep an eye on the performance of successfully onboarded translators. We track how they follow our translation quality standards, even if the tests were passed with flying colors.

Third, apart from scheduled spot-checks, we investigate every case if the customer reports any concerns or even has a feeling that there's room for quality improvement.

This quality assessment process at Alconost is in effect for all languages, both popular and rare ones. And this is the right moment to say that the quality management system at Alconost is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Can you find a translator according to my request?

We have a well-oiled process of finding translators into any language, be it a popular or a rare one. The process consists of 6 consecutive steps:

  • manual search
  • contact
  • negotiation
  • test task
  • validation
  • onboarding

We test all potential translators who reach the testing stage, no matter how convincing their resumes and portfolios are.

Interestingly, we don’t charge customers for these efforts, as we’re ourselves interested in expanding the list of the languages we support. The only thing is that we usually start searching if the volume of the project is over 1,000 words, but there are exceptions. For example, if the volume is quite small but these jobs are recurrent, we're on board!

Як розраховується вартість локалізації?

Ми працюємо з більш ніж 100 мовами. Вартість локалізації залежить від мовної пари (вихідної і цільової мов), обсягу тексту й кількості повторів.

Вартість також залежить від способу локалізації. Наприклад, переклад у вашій системі CMS коштуватиме трохи більше, ніж переклад або локалізація файлів на хмарній платформі.

Вартість локалізації розраховується на основі ціни за 1000 символів із пробілами. Під час визначення обсягу тексту для перекладу ми не включаємо елементи мови розмітки HTML.

Щоб допомогти нам розрахувати вартість локалізації, надішліть запит цінової пропозиції, указавши мови, якими ви хочете локалізувати свій вебсайт.

Маєте якийсь проєкт на думці?

Ми хотіли б дізнатися більше про нього. Можливо, ми зможемо запропонувати вам цікаві рішення і ціну.

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