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A professional app localization service

An app localization company established by developers, for developers

  • Effective project management 24/7
  • On-demand process customization and integrations for all types of apps
  • 70+ languages
  • 700+ professional linguists
Order app localization
  • We use professional app localization platforms, software, translation memories, and glossaries.
  • We work with all resource file types and can develop customized connectors and integrators for your system or proprietary file formats.
  • We set up continuous localization for frequently updated projects — development and localization happen simultaneously.

Why localize your app?

Boost your app store rating and increase app downloads in new regions.

Improve the user experience for your international audience and expand beyond the English-speaking market, which accounts for only 20% globally.

Build lifetime value and loyalty among your app users.

Here’s how our typical app localization process looks

Preliminary order is submitted
Write to us at [email protected] or submit a preliminary order form along with the links to your cloud project and the product.
Project manager is assigned
The PM will help compile a glossary, calculate pricing, monitor deadlines, and assist you throughout the project.
Translators start working
The PM assembles a project team of the best-suited linguists.
Context is discussed
Communication happens on the cloud platform; translation memory and a glossary ensure translation consistency.
Proofreading is done by an independent translator who checks for any possible errors and typos and ensures translation accuracy.
Continuous localization
Localized build is assembled
This happens after the localized strings have been downloaded from the localization platform; or directly on the platform using automatic compilation via a CLI (command line interface).
Localization is tested
Localization QA ensures that the localized strings display correctly.
Minor errors are removed
Corrections are made immediately or reported directly to developers in the bug tracker.
New lines of text are added

Top translation quality is ensured by our internal multi-level QA system

Proficiency tests

Each translator must pass a specific test for his/her area of specialization with a translation quality index of over 98%.

Project specialization

After testing and onboarding, translators are ready to work on translation projects that fit their specialization.

Quality options

Depending on the project type we offer translation and proofreading by either a single or multiple independent specialists. We can perform linguistic testing, too.

Net Promoter Score

Our customers complete monthly interviews which help us get an NPS for each translator, implement quality assurance and ensure that we work with only the best-performing translators.

QA Checkpoints

We have additional processes to monitor translation quality for new employees, react to client feedback and double-check quality each time a certain volume of translation is delivered.



App localization cost and pricing

The cost of app localization is determined by:

  • The amount of text to be translated (number of characters including spaces)
  • The languages
  • The cost of proofreading (if any)
  • The cost of localization testing (if any)
  • The cost of subscribing to the localization platform

You can consult our table of languages and rates to get a general sense of how much your project will cost.


Your one-stop application localization service

Continuous localization using the Crowdin platform

Professional translation and project management

Localization testing

Translation of short in-app texts, app store descriptions and updates

Creation of videos for apps, localization of video and audio content


What file formats do you work with?

What languages to translate into first?

Ready to localize your app?

Let’s talk about how we can help!

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